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Suffocating Postpartum Anxiety

After I had my first baby, I learned that my entire network of medical professionals were on the lookout for Postpartum Depression, or PPD. I confessed to the pediatrician I just met that before I could leave the house to take in my 6-day oldĀ son, my husband had to remind me to stop crying for… Continue reading Suffocating Postpartum Anxiety


Trashing Your Marriage Online

My husband is the worst. There will always be things that your husband or partner does that you don’t like. When it comes to parenting with another person, the list of things they do incorrectly or not up to your standards may be incredibly long, especially if you’re a type-A controlling person like me. Maybe I’m… Continue reading Trashing Your Marriage Online


Potty Training – Day 1

My husband and I have taken a very laissez faire approach to the issue of potty training. Part of our apathy toward potty training has been about timing and ability – mostly our issues and not his. But we have a toddler that tells us when he’s peed in his diaper. Which brings us to today – we’ve decided that we’re going to take the pants off and see what happens.