About Mama Leaks

I’m Mama J, a full-time working mother of two. When I was pregnant with my first, I realized that there are so many things I wasn’t told and that finding helpful information online that isn’t completely alarmist or overly medical is a daunting task. I hope that this blog which draws on my own experience, is helpful to others that may be seeking their own truth about what it’s like to become a mother. I’m not limiting my audience to mothers, but I don’t know what it’s like to be a father. Maybe I’ll make my husband post about that.

While I’m full of very strong opinions, I want to be clear about all the things I am not:

  • A doctor or medical professional of any kind;
  • A child development expert;
  • A parenting expert; or
  • A well-rested person.

As a member of multiple moms’ groups, I know people love to post pictures of rashes and ask for opinions from totally unqualified people like me. I want you to know that the answer is hives, and I am talking completely out of my ass just like everyone else who answers that question. Call your doctor, seriously.



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