Whether to try a VBAC

The first week after my section I remember thinking, “why would anyone choose to do this again?” But a few weeks later, when I was healing nicely and off of the painkillers, I immediately forgot that sentiment. And then I got pregnant again.


The First Week With My Baby

ComingĀ home from the hospital with our first baby was a bit terrifying. We had this teeny, tiny baby in a car seat which looked enormous. I didn’t even know how to adjust the straps on that thing until the nurse showed me how to do it. Driving home I was worried about every bump in… Continue reading The First Week With My Baby

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Dressing the bump – maternity clothes basics

The adorable baby bump heldĀ an allure for me when I learned I was pregnant with my first. I had visions of how cute I would look, even though I suspected I would be more of the portly grandma looking pregnant lady instead of the cute, skinny except for the bump type of pregnant lady. Anyway,… Continue reading Dressing the bump – maternity clothes basics